How to get Million views in YouTube? 


In this blog, you will learn How to get Million views in YouTube? We all know YouTube is a product of Google. And it came to the real world on February 14, 2005, by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim

And today, YouTube is now one of the most famous social media platforms, and you can learn and earn through YouTube. People use YouTube for entertainment and for gaining knowledge.

Now come to the topic and explain How to get Million views in YouTube? Right? 



Do you want to get millions of views on YouTube? So you must understand the value of a niche. And you have to work for a specific. 

  1. Clear your niche to the audience 
  2. You should have a concept to make videos
  3. Give a proper solution to a topic of your niche
  4. Target people that are interesting in your niche
  5. Don’t go with the multi-niche in a single channel
  6. Avoid irrelevant videos to upload


Content is the essential and only reason for YouTube or other social media to go viral. And if you have the best content, you can get whatever you want.

  1. Create content for users’ perspective
  2. Avoid duplicate content from others
  3. Don’t waste your time on many already available content
  4. Find out new ideas and make your videos unique.
  5. Keep researching for the right content and keep growing in your niche.
  6. Try something different from the others.
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Nowadays, Shorts are the most viral, demanding, and favourite content on YouTube. 

Create unique and quality shorts

  1. Try sharing 3-4 reels on a day
  2. Use trending topics and songs in your shorts
  3. Pick out some interesting parts of your videos and convert them into shorts
  4. And encourage viewers to watch the full video
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Thumbnails and title

Thumbnails and titles are essential elements on YouTube because these are the first thing that appears on the YouTube feed

  1. Use high-quality thumbnails 
  2. Use High graphics for thumbnails 
  3. Put some attractive words in the title and thumbnail
  4. Use some catchy sounds in the title and thumbnail
  5. Thumbnail and title should represent your video
  6. Avoid unrelated titles and thumbnails to your video


Learn act

Do you want to get a million views on YouTube? So you have to work on your facial expressions and acting. Face videos give more effect than hidden faces.

  1. Go to acting classes 
  2. learn by method actors
  3. Watch YouTube tutorial 
  4. Try to be natural in the video
  5. learn to speak as well 
  6. keep practising for the best result


Focus on video quality 

Video quality and length also matter for the best YouTube. And it matters more when you don’t have any support or fame on other platforms.

  1. Keep a short video at the starting of your YouTube career
  2. Make your face value by sharing shorts 
  3. Increase time duration with the time
  4. Use a high-quality camera and mic to shoot videos
  5. and give a pleasant end with expert editing skills


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Use Cards and End Screen 

So cards and end screens are the best features provided by YouTube. These will help you get more views on your channel.

  1. Give the suggestion button in between your playing video.
  2. Hover your more videos in the last of your video
  3. Give your channel subscribe button by the end screen and card.
  4. encourage viewers to watch your more videos


Playlist and Optimisation 

Create playlists to keep you on your channel for a long time. And optimize channels to make searching easier on YouTube and Google as well. 

  1. Create a playlist to put all related videos in a row
  2. Make it easier for your audience to find more related videos
  3. Research for the best keywords 
  4. Use keywords in the description and title of the channel
  5. Sometimes use keywords in the video’s thumbnail, title and description too


Social Sharing 

Share your content on other platforms to make your presence there as well. 

  1. Link YouTube Channel with other social media platforms
  2. Share content on alternative to YouTube
  3. Will make your face value 
  4. You can try to convert the audience into YouTube Subscribers
  5. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Mx TakaTak, Snapchat and many others are the best alternative to YouTube


Buying Options

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So in this blog, you learned how to get Million views in YouTube. You can use all the tricks to get new subscribers as well. And most importantly, keep yourself updated with YouTube community guidelines.

Keep sharing valuable content with consistency. Share shorts and use cards and end screen. Create playlists and optimize your channel. Share content on other platforms and make a presence there as well. Also, Buy YouTube views India. Keep researching in your niche and keep growing with millions of blessings.



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