Biggest Instagram Influencers

Surprisingly, even in 2022, such biggest Instagram influencers have a lot of mastery in influencing people. We have kept them in this blog list according to their largest Instagram followers. We have observed that the biggest Instagram influencers have the most followers from top to bottom. We have decided to limit this ranking to “real” influencers. However, the craze of Instagram has increased all over the world, which is attracting everyone towards it.

So now let’s talk about Who is the biggest Instagram influencer in 2022. Then I want to tell you that Instagram gives you many such opportunities. Whose correct use can make us a big man on Instagram, which you would never have imagined? On Instagram, you will find a lot of celebrities (actors, singers, or reality TV stars) with millions of followers. We also have to start becoming top influencers in Instagram to be like that, and only then will we be able to do something like this.

Below are the biggest Instagram Influencers of 2022:

Whindersson Nunes – (@whinderssonnunes)

biggest Instagram influencers

Whindersson Nunes on Instagram is a Brazilian comedian who ranks first on our list of Biggest top Instagram Influencer. He first made his comedy video debut in 2013 on YouTube. However, his YouTube channel became the most subscribed in Brazil after 3 years. Now he has 58.7 Million followers on Instagram, which is considered a very high number on Instagram. And you must know that it is currently emerging as the 64th most popular Instagram account among famous actors and celebrities, so we have placed them at the top of our list.

Huda Kattan – (@hudabeauty)

biggest Instagram influencers

Huda Beauty is a real entrepreneur on Instagram who has managed to win hearts with her beauty empire. Although she started her success biggest female Instagram influencers list using her beauty skills and today, she has 51.1 Million followers on Instagram, which is a huge number. From this, we can understand that Huda Kattan has worked hard to reach here. However, today big cosmetic brands invite their products to hudabeauty at the launch event. And promotes his products on Instagram, apart from having 2 million+ followers on the personal channel, Huda, and about 7 million followers on HudaBeautyShop.

Eleonora Pons – (@lelepons)

biggest Instagram influencers

Lele Pons on Instagram is a Venezuelan-American celebrity named Eleanora Pons. Who started his career on social media. After which, she went a long way in becoming an influential actress, singer, and model. She became the first winner to reach one billion, which started her popularity. However, after that, he focused on creating comedy content for YouTube, where he garnered over 17M subscribers shortly after. Which is very difficult to do inside YouTube, and today she is the brand ambassador of Tarte Cosmetics. From this, we can understand that she is number three on the list of Biggest female Instagram Influencers, whose Instagram followers are 49.6 Million.

Nusret Gökçe – (@nusr_et)

biggest Instagram influencers

On Instagram, nusr_et is a chef who has 48.2 Million followers on Instagram. However, this chef went viral with #saltbea, and Nusret has become the most popular cooking influencer. From this, we can understand that nusr_et went viral because of your cooking style. He mostly posts his videos on Instagram in Dubai, and today he is in fourth place as Biggest Male Instagram Influencers.

Dan Bilzerian – (@danbilzerian)

biggest Instagram influencers

Dan Bilzerian at Instagram is an entrepreneur and poker enthusiast known for sharing his extraordinary experiences on Instagram. Today he has 33.5 Million followers on his Instagram, which are Yachts, Parties, Jets, and Friends on his Instagram. However, today, people follow him a lot on Instagram due to his lifestyle.

Amanda Cerny – (@amandacerny)

biggest Instagram influencers

Amanda Cerny is an American vlogger on Instagram who shares funny videos with her audience on YouTube. She posts mostly bold photos on her Instagram, so her users are more interested in seeing her. And he has 23.6 Million followers on Instagram, which is a huge number. Amanda Cerny is also the Ambassador of the United Nations.


We have told you about five popular accounts of Biggest Instagram Influencer 2022, who have managed to influence the world with their skills. Their followers are so many that we cannot even think of increasing that many followers. But it is not impossible the way these Instagram biggest influencers have worked hard. We can also come to their list by doing the same, but in the beginning, we will have to face many difficulties.

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